LEAP is Business 乐博彩票官方app’s  workshop-series where companies during three short workshops are prepared for international expansion. The process has been developed especially for fast-growing start-up- and scaleup-companies. At a high pace they learn how to develop a data-driven market priority and a first Go to Market plan. 此外, 参与的公司有机会, 在乐博彩票官方app商业协会的支持下, assess the international business case for the selected focus market.

What differs from previous years is that the companies need to be under transition in a sustainable direction and the prize the winners receive will be used as a “Rivstart” for that change (money and business development program). The jury includes entrepreneurs and business leaders who have experience of driving a sustainable transformation journey. Petra Lindberg, Swedbank marketing support and implementation manager

应用 跳加速业务发展计划. 欢迎所有有国际抱负的公司申请.